10 Great Tabloid Games for Kids

Tabloid games are basically exciting games that involved both recreational and physical activities. Schools promote tabloid games for kids as these are both educational and entertaining. You will need some equipment for performing these activities. These are typically supplied by schools for the children ensuring that they all participate in these. Here are some of the best tabloid games for your kids:

  1. Spoon and egg race: In this adrenaline-pumping game, kids are provided with an Easter egg made from plastic and a spoon. They must race to the finish line with the egg on the spoon and without dropping it at any time. On reaching the line they must pass it to the next member of the relay team.
  2. Kick the Can: This is hide-and-seek with a slight twist. An individual or team is referred to as “it” while a can is placed right in the center of the play-area. Others are supposed to run off to hide while the “it” must cover his eyes and count up to a specific number. It is the task of the “it” to now find every player. Once a player has been captured by “it”, he must retreat to a pen meant for tagged players. Of however one of the untagged players can kick the can, everyone gets released.
  3. Capture the Flag: This is best played in a big group which can be divided into 2 teams, each with a flag/marker. The aim of the game is to enter the opponent’s territory, capture its flag, and return safely to one’s own territory. You can even tag opponent players entering your territory and send them to jail.
  4. Parachute: This tabloid game can be exciting for kids of all groups and required a round and large parachute. This must have handles so that people can hold onto it round the edges. Players may ruffle this parachute up and down and even keep light objects like beanbags on its top, making them jump when you ruffle the parachute.
  5. Traffic Cop: You can play this game using wagons, scooters, bikes, or anything with wheels. It is best played on the street, preferably on a paved area. A person must direct the traffic to ensure that kids do not collide with each other. This fun game teaches kids simple traffic rules and traffic safety measures.
  6. Four Square: This can be played on square courts that are divided into 4 smaller squares; the highest-ranked player will be in the first square and the lowest in the fourth. A ball is bounced among the players where it is bounced only once in another person’s square before he catches it. Anyone disobeying rules will lose ranking.
  7. Frisbee Throw: Here several hoola hoops are stringed together in different heights. Kids keep throwing until there are winners for the first, second, ad third spots.
  8. Jump the River: This should ideally be played in a sand area with 2 jump ropes. Children must jump over these one by one and the ropes are gradually spread apart until every kid is eliminated.
  9. Ping pong blow: kids must walk with hands behind their back and start blowing to throw the ping pong balls off. This can be played as individuals or as a relay event.
  10. Suitcase race: Here, kids have to run towards two suitcases that are filled with old clothes and kept at a good distance. The two runners must then get dressed with those clothes and run back to the starting line. The one who reaches first is declared the winner.
  11. Lucky Block: Lucky Black is a lottery game where winners are randomly selected. The concept of Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is very simple. It uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized lottery. The scheme hopes to address various issues plaguing the current system, including security, liquidity, and late payments.
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